Class Viewing Week November 2019

Dear Students and Parents,


During the week beginning Monday 25th November, parents and family members are invited in to watch the classes their child attends and see what we’ve been working on this term. 


The aim of our Class Viewing Week is to give you an opportunity to see regular classes in progress and to give you a chance to take photos and videos during the class. We will ask you to remove your footwear before entering the room, as no outside shoes are allowed on the dance floors to avoid damage to the floors. 


Places for our class viewings are limited to 2 per student. Please let us know if you are able or unable to attend. 


  • Photos/filming are usually permitted – the teacher will check that everyone is happy to be photographed before the class begins.
  • Please don’t talk during the class as this is very distracting for the teacher and students.
  • We will need you to remove your outdoor shoes before entering studio 2 as no outdoor shoes are permitted on the dance floors. 
  • Please try to remain in the room for the duration of the class so as not to distract the students.


If you have any questions about our class viewings please call us on 01620 849 167, email or ask at reception.


Very Best Wishes,


The Admin Team



Jo Bain



School of Dance and Music

01620 849 167