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Saturdays 10:15 – 11:00

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A great way to get fit! Dance along to a mix of tunes from 80’s classics to the latest chart hits. Explore different dance themes including Jazz, Disco, Jive, Salsa and Hip Hop! Classes begin with a warm up and stretch followed by an aerobic routine, conditioning section and finishing with a relaxing cool down. Our Dance Workout classes are designed to be suitable for all levels of fitness; each movement will have different options for those who are returning to exercise and those who need a bit more of a challenge.

Dance and Fitness Classes

We encourage our members to make a long term commitment to their health and fitness because that is what it takes to stay fit and healthy. You need a fitness plan that you can stick to because you enjoy it, you should look forward to your workout session whatever it is. Staying fit is hard work, (anyone who tells you anything else is lying) however if you are really dreading it or feel way too tired for it you probably haven’t found the right thing for you. Whether you are looking for stretching and toning, higher impact cardio or something in between we have the class for you!

For more information or to register for a class click “register” below and complete our online booking form, call us on 01620 849167 or email us

If you are looking for a dance class why not check out Adult Ballet, Tap or Jazz dance!

Brilliant Exercises you can do at home


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” Mark Twain

How do we motivate ourselves, develop good habits and maintain them? How do you turn a thought into action to achieve a goal?

1. Positivity – Think positively – turn the nagging voice inside you into positive thoughts and banish the negative. Seek out the company of other positive optimistic people.
2. Goals – Write it down – whatever your goal is get it down on paper or into a task manager. Break it up into smaller more manageable tasks and set dates and times to it.
3. Reasons – Have really good reasons for what you are trying to achieve and write them down.
4. Action – Do 1 thing every day that will take you closer to your goals – set milestones and try to never skip 2 days in a row
5. Together – Don’t do it alone. Get a coach or take a class. Find a motivation buddy or mentor. This will motivate you to show up and take action.
6. Inspiration – Find inspiration on a daily basis. You shouldn’t have to look too far – blogs, music, friends, family, art, books, movies
7. Rewards – Reward yourself as often as you deserve it.
8. Time – Be patient – if it’s really important to you the chances are it will take some time.
9. Strength – don’t give up. Challenge yourself. You can do it!
10. Fun – Make it enjoyable. If your goal activity becomes a treat or a fun social occasion you might actually start looking forward to it!

The last point which might also seem the most obvious is to get started. As they say in the Nike adverts

“Just Do It”. Whatever it is.