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I love coming to coming to Haddington school of dance and music, everyone is so friendly, the staff and the other boys and girls I’ve met. I like the tricks and movements I’ve learned and it’s a lovely atmosphere. Also, I love your smoothies! Tuesdays have to be my favourite day of the week knowing that I have dance later in the day. I would be over the moon if I won a scholarship.” Ailsa Donaldson

“A lot has changed about the studio since I came here and it has definitely been for the better as we have such amazing premises for us to be able to have, we are all very lucky. Dance has always been a part of me and hopefully it always will, because it helps me to clear my head and also become stronger and more independent as a person. I also believe that dancing has made me much better at working as a group because I wouldn’t be a dancer like I am today without the other girls around me. I would like to thank everybody at the studio because I have had such an amazing two years at the studio and I would recommend the studio to everyone!” Jessica Martin

“When people ask me to tell them what HSDM has done for me, I get teary and I could talk forever about how much dance, music and HSDM have done for me. Being a teenager is hard but coming here makes it just that little bit easier. Thank you.” Emma Hotchkiss

“This studio has helped me appreciate dancing again and gave me a chance to truly focus and grow as a dancer and a person.” Cara Patterson

“The highlight of the year, though, is always the performances. I do go through a state of “I will never remember this dance” for about two or three months but then it eventually sinks in. When we have on our costumes, the lights go up and the music starts, the adrenalin overrides the nerves and the performances are always a great success! If nothing else, by then we just have to go for it! Dancing is a great all round brain trainer, aerobic exercise, and general fitness improver and helps all aspects of our lives, including keeping the brain fit and healthy. In today’s modern world of a fast paced technology screen based life, I find dancing a great stress reliever. I can escape from my day to day world of being a mum and teacher and dancing gives me some very important “me” time- a win win situation!” Salyen Dick

 “In jazz I love making myself bend and leap and to be able to feel the beat in my movements. I do tap dancing too. In tap I love everything fast and fun, and enjoy learning new stuff to challenge myself more. I also have just started helping out with the younger ones’ ballet, tap and jazz class on Friday afternoon to get them ready for the show. I love helping them do their dances and then doing my own classes as well” Daisy Ingram

“Dancing is my favourite thing in the whole world, and because my feet understand the movement, My teacher is very kind, and she teaches us new things all the time, but some things are the same, and I like the place I do it, and after dancing the cafe has my favourite food.” Emma Delahooke

“We just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed it and both thought Jo was really nice and motivating! Her feedback and encouragement were really positive and we would recommend the tasters/lessons to anybody!”
Wedding dance – Mike and Marzena


“I just wanted to say well done for putting on such a great show! I really enjoyed every bit of it and it was brilliant to see such fantastic
dancing. It was magical!
I also wanted to say a special thanks to Hannah and Pippa who looked after Isla and the other girls so well on the stage and to Miss Fern who very
kindly scooped Isla up at the end.
Have a lovely summer.
All the best,” Jessica Macdonald

“I wanted to say a big thank you to all the teachers and staff for their hard work for the recital. Both Anwen and Elyn really enjoyed being a part of them and we really enjoyed seeing the progress they had made this year!!!” Kelly McInnes

“Can I just say that the shows were so much fun to do! Thank you very much to all involved.” Lorraine

“We are relocating to England in the summer and so the girls will not be returning for next term. I wanted to say a massive thank you though, and especially to Miss Fern, as the girls have absolutely loved the class! We will miss it a lot! Best wishes for the future, I am sure the school will continue to go from strength to strength.“ Becky

“Thank you so much for giving her such a fantastic start to dance/ ballet lessons. The teachers were so lovely to her and the young helpers were wonderful! She couldn’t wait to go every week. She will look forward to the summer session on the 8th of August.”
Emma Skene – Josephine Wheatley

“We spend 6 days a week at the school. It’s a home from home for my girls. A fantastic way for children to keep fit, make new friends and build their confidence. The teachers are first class and my girls have learned skills that will stay with them always” – Nicola Sales

“Would like to thank all the friendly staff for a superb afternoon today. Our family enjoyed it and would recommend this place to all children. Well done!” – Maureen Harper

“Thank you for giving our girls the BEST week. Iris is high as a kite!” – Clare Dunbar 


Student Testimonials

Dear Everyone,

I would like to thank you for letting me join your classes; they mean the world to me.

I find it hard to find a place where I feel safe, happy and alive. Since I have joined here my life has changed, I have made new friends, got better at dancing, singing and acting (doing the panto was amazballs!!!). I feel better at home and school. This place is my life now and you’s have helped me to get one step closer to my dream, to be on stage. So again thank you for everything.

I hope it wasn’t too cheesy, THANK YOU, YOU’s HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE

Yours sincerely,


Emily, Age 8 – I love Jazz because we learn to dance really well.

Hannah, Age 9 – I love dancing and all the teachers.

Mairi, Age 10- I like dancing and HSDM keeps me active.

David, Age 10- I love the variety of things you can do at HSDM.

Ben, Age 14- I love all the classes as they are fun. I also love the Shows they are always comical and enjoyable to be a part of.

Clara, Age 10- The teachers are always nice, the company is friendly. IT’S REALLY FUN!

Sophie, Age 10- I love HSDM because everyone is so friendly and you learn loads of different cool moves.

Andrea, Age 5 – I love doing follow the leader.

Emma, Age 11- I love HSDM because there are lots of fun classes to go to, you can make new friends, learning new things and take part in shows.

Olivia, Age 12- What I love about HSDM is when we have shows and we get to learn new moves.

Robert, Age 11, I love HSDM because the classes are a lot of fun and I can be myself when I am at dancing.

Lauryn, Age 10- I love the fact that all the teachers are very kind and if you need help they are always helpful.

Beth, Age 15- EVERYTHING, everyone is lovely and friendly.

Polly, Age 6- I love doing Ballet! I love dancing.

School Workshops

Kate Brown, Compass School, Haddington

“Thank you very much for the absolutely fantastic class on Monday!  We all really enjoyed ourselves and the kids were full of positive feedback to
the parents.  Thank you so much!  We also really appreciate the wonderful greeting message, which I am so sorry, I only noticed it when I was

Thank you again!

Kind regards,

Kate Brown”

Pauline Inglis Deputy Head Teacher Haddington Infant School

“The workshop sessions were fantastic, the children loved it, it was engaging for staff and interestingly, the boys particularly enjoyed it!  We were very pleased to see that some of the children have now joined the dance school.

Thank you very much indeed for spending the time with us and I hope you will visit again.”

– Pauline Inglis

Gill Baillie Deputy Head Teacher Law Primary

Whether it is Primary 1 or Primary 7, boys or girls, the pupils at Law Primary report back that the cheerleading sessions are the highlight of their health week. Classes are fun, lively and led by a very professional group of young adults.

– Gill Baillie

Pencaitland 1st Brownies

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! The Brownies loved every minute.  Thank you so much for a very enjoyable dance class.


– Pencaitland 1st Brownies

Dance Parties

Thank you guys so much for everything today! Kids had a fantastic time and was completely stress free thanks to you lot. Fantastic place. Will definitely recommend and will definitely be back!

Katie Myhill

A huge thank you to all the team who were involved in giving Ailsa such a great party on Saturday! Ailsa & her friends had a fabulous time & she is already planning next years!!

She was also delighted when your birthday card came in the post on her birthday! Very impressive!

Thanks again

Kind regards


I just wanted to pass on my thanks – I had my 6 year old’s birthday party on Saturday.
The staff was so professional, polite and helpful they really made things effortless.
Matthew and Gemma did a great job of keeping the children in line in a very subtle and appropriate manner.
If one of the children needed to go to the toilet and I wasn’t around, they ensured the little ones were accompanied and returned safely.
Many of the parent’s who brought their children had never been inside the studio before and they were all very impressed.
Please pass on my thanks and I would not hesitate to recommend you.
Kind regards
Clare Hogg